Cornelia Traudt



Master Luthier


I'm building my instruments in St. Julian, located in the Musikantenland, a part of the so-called "Old World". In a farm house dating from Portrait_102Napoleon's time is where I have my workshop. Mainly I build classical guitars, but along with that I also build electric-acoustic guitars and basses. I have been working as guitar builder since 1985. My education was completed with luthier Dieter Hopf as well as apprenticeships with various guitar builders such as Schack and Sandberg where I was able to collect a variety of building experience. After my studies at the Master School Portrait_202of Luthiers in Mittenwald I received my masters diploma as luthier in 1993. In my workshop each instrument is built by hand with attention and love to each and every detail. All of my work is done with naturally dried woods which are stored for long periods of time. The selection of woods comes from traditional types such as palisander, cedar, spruce from certified ecological production and also european woods like maple, wild-cherry, and nut are used. Of course in the Portrait_3construction we use natural materials like bone for the nut and bridge pieces, wood mosaics for the ribbing and sound-hole, and a shellac finish. Personal wishes as to the type of wood, the length and width of the neck, as well as the profile, are gladly accepted. Adjustments for the buyer's playing characteristics will also be taken into consideration and made when desired. I also build guitars for left handed players.For the finish of my instruments I prefer the shellac finish and polish by hand, without undercoats of nitro lack or such. Shellac finish are for the acoustic characteristics of the guitar the best. The shellac is very thin, but protects the wood and does not restrict the vibrations of the wood so that the guitar can unfold in its full tonal beauty.All of my instruments are given a certificate and guarantee, including a first inspection after one year of playing. I also do restauration and repairs of guitars other than my own as well.


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