On this page are photos taken during the building of one of my guitars.

Because there are many photos we ask you to please have patience during the downloading process.



  Atelier_103   Making of the neck.



                           Atelier_204   Finishing the neck profile with a hand plane....


                                                     Atelier_303   ....a carving knife.....


                                                                               Atelier_404     ....a wood file.



   Atelier_502   The sides are....


                             Atelier_602   ....formed using a warm bending iron.


                                                     Atelier_702   Joints the top and bottom



The inlayed bindings and fine mosaics are wrapped with cord for drying.       Atelier_802  


   Atelier_905   The edges are worked ...


                             Atelier_1003   ....using a small plane.




     Cleaning the edges with a razor blade.  Atelier_1105  



                                                         The woods for guitar building are first stored outside for general drying, and
                                                                       then inside under temperature and humidy control.


   Atelier_13     Fine sanding before the final shellac finishing....


                             Atelier_14 assure a perfect smooth finish!


   Atelier_15 A good workmanship makes for a good shellac finish!




                           Atelier_16   The bridge is being finished.


   Atelier_17 Shellac - the gold of the Indian scale insect!


                           Atelier_1802 The shellac polish is put on in very thin layers....


                                                     Atelier_19     ....and with a cotton ball.




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